Instructing Clients

Insurers, Loss Adjusters, Claims Handlers & Authorities

For existing clients and those considering instructing us for the first time, the CATS consultancy claims team is here to help you.

Our commodity area is anything technology related.

We handle commercial, domestic, high net worth as well as major & complex loss claims.

 What value does CATS add? 

  • Claim spend reduction - we are minimising clients claims spend by up to 40%, on average.
  • Policyholder claims journey enhancement - CATS involvement improves the claim experience and results in significant praise from policyholders leading to policy renewal for our clients.
  • Time Saving - The vast knowledge of our team and our 20 years experience of handling technology related insurance claims means that we are successfully agreeing settlement in principal on behalf of our clients in a timely manner. 

You can instruct us via phone, email or the website, whichever is easiest for you.

Within one hour of receiving your instruction we will confirm receipt and immediately act upon it.

Each claim will be handled by a dedicated technology consultant, supported by a claims support advisor who will collectively progress your claim to settlement.

Want to discuss your potential instruction in more detail, then give us a call. 

What we do for policyholders?

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