Supply Chain & Vulnerability Audit

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Supply chain audit

Retrospectively auditing I.T. suppliers can prove difficult. Prices today may differ from prices yesterday due to the speed of technological change and due to market conditions.

We will ensure you always have access to accurate product information and best price. We can validate both costs today and also costs retrospectively.

  • Are your other suppliers passing I.T. industry discounts on to you?
  • Are your other suppliers doing everything to minimise claims spend?

You need to be sure!

Let CATS provide you with that peace of mind.

Vulnerability audit

Identifying both physical and virtual security threats to businesses aids with claim prevention.

We can provide a risk assessment survey to identify physical security risks by analysing alarm systems, door locks and how easy is is to access computer related equipment.

We can also provide an assessment of virtual security threats from viruses and hackers.

Loss of data and cyber crime can cost insurers dearly. We can help you minimise the risk.

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