CATS limits liability saving
insurers 94%

Transparent, Innovative, Professional, Independent

Photocopiers written off by insured's incumbent

CATS identified equipment repairable

Claim spend minimised


Incident: Fire/Smoke Damage

Services Used: Claim Validation, Technology Repair

These copiers had been assessed and written off by the policyholders incumbent concessionnaire who had provided a quote for replacement (£17,500).

We were asked for our professional opinion as to whether reinstatement was the correct course of action.

Our professional engineer, with 20 years experience in the copier industry, attended the insured’s site and
identified that the copiers were actually repairable.

We saved the insurer £16,520 (94%) against the reinstatement consideration, thus limiting liability to the repair cost of £980.

In addition, if reinstatement had been required on this particular claim then our cost to replace would have been £10,000 less
than the local concessionaire.

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