Claim settled within 48 hours of CATS being instructed.

Transparent, Innovative, Professional, Independent

CATS knowledge aids handler

Consultant agrees settlement in principal with insured

48 hours from instruction to settlement

Accurate Validation

Incident: Theft

Services Used: Claim Validation, Technology Replacement

This claim had been on going for nearly 12 months prior to our involvement.
The policyholder had suggested a Dell laptop as a suitable modern equivalent to the one stolen.

The insurer was not convinced that the policyholder’s suggestion was accurate and had gone directly to Dell to confirm this. Dell made an alternative recommendation which was considered by the insured to be inferior,
even though the component specification was the same as the original.

The claims handler involved could not reach a claim settlement as they did not have enough confidence in their 
IT knowledge or in the information given to them by Dell.

We were asked for our professional opinion and to use our I.T knowledge and mediation skills to discuss with the
policyholder his concerns over his insurers recommendation.

The policyholder raised some valid points with regards to some inferior componentry. In the end we managed
to arrange supply of the replacement that the policyholder wanted at less than the value of the insurers original

As a direct result of our involvement this claim was settled within 48 hours of CATS being instructed.

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